GodswMobile Contacts Transfer Upgrade History

Upgrade Log

  • v2.1
    Bugfix: error when export contacts as vCard file in some case
    More contact fields are supported in Contact Transfer Manager
  • v2.0
    Import contacts in csv file format
    Import contacts in vCard file format
  • v1.9
    Bugfix: ringtone lost when import backup file to Contact Transfer Manager in some case
  • v1.8
    Fix for the display problem on VGA and WVGA Touch Screen (such as HTC Touch Pro2, HTC Touch HD2)
  • v1.7
    Add the search function on “Contacts Transfer Manager”
    Allow user to switch the contacts save in mobile outlook or sim card on “Contacts Transfer Manager”
    Bugfix: next page button on “Contacts Transfer Manager”
    Bugfix: possible invalid characters in the “note” item
  • v1.6
    Improve the photo quality show to Contacts Transfer Manager
  • v1.5

    Add an app of “Contacts Transfer Manager” for PC to manage contact and sync contact to outlook on PC

    Small improvements
  • v1.4

    Bugfix: register prompt do not show well in some mobile model

  • v1.3

    Bugfix: stop backup if the contacts photo file miss

  • v1.2

    Backup contacts with ringtone and photo

  • v1.1
    Bugfix: crash during more than 1000 contacts restore
  • v1.0

    Improve mobile outlook contacts backup speed
    Improve user interface
    Add menu options to homepage
    Bugfix: contacts name display error when restore mobile outlook contacts

  • v0.4 beta

    Bugfix: miss some items when backup mobile (outlook) contacts

  • v0.3 beta

    Bugfix: duplicate check during sim card contact restore

  • v0.2 beta

    Bugfix: file missing in installer

  • v0.1 beta

    Initial Release

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