How to edit text messages on desktop computer?

With GodswMobile SMS Transfer Manager, you could view and edit all your text messages on your pc.

Step 1 : Import your sms with GodswMobile SMS Transfer, and then switch to the tag-”Message Edit” as the picture below.

edit sms on pc

Step 2: Choose the sms you want to edit, and right click to select “edit message” as the picture below. Take a message for example, please note that the example message is said as ”PM 17:00” now as show in the below picture.

view text message on desktop computer

Step 3:Now, you could just modify the message as you with and click save to exit edit.

import sms to pc

Now, you could see the message has been modified to ”PM 18:00”.as in the below picture.

transfer sms to desktop computer

Also, you could delete the message with GodswMobile SMS Transfer Manager. Just select the message, and right click to delete message. If you want to delete some messages at a time, you could press “Ctrl” or “Shift” to select the messages as you wish, and then right click to delete. Please see as the following picture.

manage sms on pc


Now, you can import the edit text message as .stf file and restore them to your windows mobile phone.

Note: Before restore the edit text message (PM 18:00), you have to delete the original sms (PM 17:00) in your windows mobile. If not, your edit text message will not replace the original message in your phone.

If you do not know how to restore sms to windows mobile, please refer to this page - How to restore SMS from pc to mobile

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