GodswMobile SMS Mirror Manual

Mirror Incoming SMS: Enable/disable mirror SMS when received it.

Mirror outgoing SMS: Enable/disable mirror SMS after sent out.

Advance Settings

  • White List Status: If you turn on the white list status, the software ONLY mirrors the text messages from/to the numbers in this list;
  • Black List Status: If you turn on the white list status, the text messages from/to the numbers in the list not mirror.

    (Note: You could turn on the white list or black list as you with, but could NOT BOTH at the same time)
  • Private List Status: If you turn on the white list status, text messages from/to the numbers in private list will be mirrored and be automatically deleted from phone Inbox/Sent box. And you will not receive mobile new messages notification; Private list has a higher priority than black/white list.
  • Show note when receive private sms: Show mirror notification when you receive messages from the private list numbers;
  • Password for private list: Access to the private messages require password;

Browse Mirror:

browse mirror messages

In the browser, you could view/forward/reply/move/delete any messages quickly.

  • Public Box: The mirror text messages will save in this box;
  • Private Box: Text messages from/to the numbers in the private list will save in this box. Access to the private box require password.
  • Sync from system SMS: Mirror all text messages from the mobile inbox/sent box now;

  • Sync to system SMS: Restore text messages from mirror to mobile inbox/sent box now. The private text messages will not mirror.

Export File:

  • Export Mirror Data: Select what SMS you want to export to file. There are 4 options for you: incoming SMS, outgoing SMS, private SMS and All;
  • Export Method: Select where you want to keep the export file. There are 4 options for you: Storage (save in mobile storage card), Email (send the export file as Email attachment), MMS, Bluetooth;

  • Export file type: Select a file type you want to save. There are 2 options for you: *smr (can be import and view on PC with SMS Mirror Manager), *.txt;

Import File:

  • Import File: Import SMS data from *.smr fire to mirror. This import will not cover the current SMS, it just add the new messages at the end.


  • How to set password for the mirror?

    If you want to set password when running GodswMobile SMS Mirror, please go to “Menu” ->”Options”->”Password Manager” to set password.

  • How to hide the software logo/icon from the mobile start menu?

    Run the software, “Menu” ->”Options”, and the select the option of “Hide icon on start menu”. So in icon will disappear, you have to access the software through the installation directory.

  • What is the different between GodswMobile SMS Transfer and SMS Mirror?

    SMS Transfer is a traditional backup tool, it could fast backup and restored all SMS between PC and mobile. SMS Mirror is a brand new idea tool which could mirror any new SMS and save them in database. It also could keep secrete messages in save place so that others could not know what messages you received/sent.

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