GodswMobile SMS Transfer Upgrade History

Upgrade Log

  • v2.5 (only for SMS Transfer Manager)
    Export text message to csv file format with SMS Transfer Manager
    Sort contacts by name on SMS Transfer Manager
    Allow select some batch text message with hotkey (Shift, Ctrl) on SMs Transfer Manager
  • v2.4 (only for SMS Transfer Manager)
    Add the print option on SMS Transfer Manager
  • v2.3 (only for SMS Transfer Manager)
    Add the search broad for user to search text message by keyword or contacts
  • v2.2 (only for SMS Transfer Manager)
    Sort messages by sender, recipient, content, time, etc on SMS Transfer Manager
  • v2.1
    Added prompt during restore to confirm
    Fix for errors during backup & restore on some phones.
  • v2.0
    Brand new button and interface
    Fix for the illegal character problem on SMS Transfer Manager
  • v1.9

    Fix for the page down button bug on SMS Transfer Manager

  • v1.8

    Add the Message Edit broad on SMS Transfer Manager to allow user edit message on PC

  • v1.7

    Add the option of “Delete all data” on SMS Transfer Manager

  • v1.6
    Fix for "The Parameter is incorrect" bug when import backup file to PC with SMS Transfer Manager
    Fix for the contacts display error on SMS Transfer Manager
  • v1.5
    Add an app of "SMS Transfer Manager" for PC to manage backup text message
    Option to backup text message to text file (*.txt)
    Added progress bar to be displayed during text message backup and restore
  • v1.4

    Fix for the display problem on VGA and WVGA Touch Screen (such as HTC Touch Pro2, HTC Touch HD2)

  • v1.3

    Fix for the duplicate check during text message restore

  • v1.2

    Fix for the register remind windows bug

  • v1.1

    Add menu option to software homepage

  • v1.0

    Option to save backup file in mobile memory or storage card;
    Remember last backup file location;

  • v0.4 beta

    Fixed a bug where the backup terminated in some cases.

  • v0.3 beta

    Fix for the displayer problem on HTC Diamond

  • v0.2 beta

    Fix for wrong date in the auto-generated backup file name

  • v0.1 beta

    Initial Release

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