Review means FREE license.

Show us you are a webmaster, blogger, internet columnist, or magazine editor right now. A free license as a gifts will be sent to you if you write reviews of GodswMobile products! Don't you believe this? Just try and you will gain it is really true.

Friendly requirement:

  • You must have a website, blog space or internet column so that you can publish the review on your space.
  • You can put the review on your index page or sub-page.
  • The sub-page link including the review should be kept on your index page at least 2 month if you put the review on a sub-page.
  • The review content should contain the link to GodswMobile website (
  • The length of review content of one product is no less than 400 words. Different products, different free license.
  • Your website/blog must be indexed by Google.

When can I get the FREE license?

Just send us an email including our product review URLs of your space to , and then you can get the FREE license. So don't hesitate!

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