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Hello friends around the world,

Living in this world full of intense competions, it’s unstranges that most of us feel very stressful. However, in order to fighting for a better life, we have to face them. But still, we could find some effective outlets to lighten ourselves up. The app I am going to introduce below is such a cool outlet. It’s called FunnyJokes, which could really be as funny as you could imagine. Now let me show you more details about the this cool Windows phone 7 app — FunnyJokes

The latest version now is Version 1.3

The FunnyJokes app on windows will lighten your mood even on a rainy day.
Read the funniest jokes with FunnyJokes on windows phone and share them with your friend. The app allows you to read, publish, comment, like/dislike jokes.
You can even add your comments after reading the jokes so that you could share your fun and happiness with your friends.

Directly click the link below and then you could download FunnyJokes free:

Hope it could bring you fun and you live every day happy. :)

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