GodswMobile SMS Mirror Released – Mirror your private SMS

What is GodswMobile SMS Mirror?

GodswMobile SMS Mirror is a must have tool for Windows Mobile 5/6 users to mirror all outgoing and incoming messages and save them in a database. The mirror is a copy of your mobile sms so you never miss the sms with your friends. You could also “move” your secrete private messages from system inbox to this mirror so nobody could see your “own” messages without the mirror password.

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Nokia W7 And W8 To Be Firm’s First Windows Phone Handsets

I guess we are all interested in when the cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft will give its first results. When Stephen Elop moved to the Finnish company leaving his position in Microsoft, everyone began to talk about the fees the Nokia CEO had been promised.

Later it was surfaced Stephen Elop had cost more than $6 million to Nokia. So after such buzzes it’s interesting to know when we can see Windows Phone-powered Nokia smartphones in the market.

Even though Nokia isn’t due to release its first Windows Phone toting smartphone until later this year, renowned mobile blogger Eldar Murtazin has already got his hands on some prototypes.


Good old Eldar took to his Twitter page to reveal all, explaining that the handsets in question will be called the Nokia W7 and W8. According to the trusty Russian, the W7 is based on the X7 hardware whereas the W8 is similar to the Nokia N8. We see what you’re doing there Nokia.

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