What’s the difference between Pocket PC and Palm devices ?

What is different from the Palm The difference is that, Pocket PC is not only an information manager.It is a tool more powerful,which allows you to stay connected with your own information (including your e-mail attachments) effectively,while it is more efficient for you to use your free time. Pocket PC is more scalable than the Palm products.

Notice :
GodswMobile SMS Transfer supports almost all Pocket PC on windows mobile system,currently EXCLUDE Palm Treo 750.

Godsw Mobile SMS Transfer FAQ Update

A situation reported from some Godsw Mobile SMS Transfer users shows:It will still allow them to back up just only 20 SMS after registration recently,which case is the same as the trial users.For these cases,we have updated two pieces of FAQ to teach all of the users how to identify whether the registration is successful.

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I registered the SMS Transfer,but still only backup 20 sms.Why?

How to check if I active SMS Transfer or not?

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HTC Calculator extracted from HD2

Hello,every one!

Today I wanna share a little tool called HTC Calculator.The HTC Calculator is the built-in programs extracted from the latest release of HTC HD2 ROM,support automatically switches between horizontal and vertical display screen.The horizontal display is advanced mode screen,vertical screen is the standard mode,do beautification to the skin interface.(CAB installs to memory.)

Feeling: From these small programs with diligent created,we can see that HTC’s devotion and intention in research and development,If it wasn’t for HTC,it is difficult to imagine what will be the market share of Windows Mobile now,although HTC invests more effort onto the Android models recently,but there is no doubt that HTC is still Windows Mobile’s most powerful manufacturer.



Download here:

HTC Calculator (extracted from HD2) V1.1 for PPC (WM6.x QVGA/VGA/WVGA)

Unregistered Bug fixed of SMS Transfer

Fix the bug of the unregistered version restriction only transfer 20 sms each time.

Welcome To GodswMobile Guest Book

Dear valued readers,

Thank you for long time support to Godswmobile,though most people can get the main information from our official website and find the answers to the problems in the GodswMobile Support Pages, I think more interaction should be promoted in order to protect more interests of consumers.

So please add any comments if you have any questions about GodswMobile SMS Transfer , GodswMobile Contacts Transfer or GodswMobile Transfer Suite. I will reply the solution as soon as possible.

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Y2K Bug May be 2016 Bug?

From December 24, 2009,it seems some systems are suffering from a Y2K16 bug. When 2009 ticked over to 2010, some Australian EFTPOS machines skipped to the year 2016. Coincidentally, some Windows Mobile users are also having issues with their new year SMSes coming from 2016.

What function could cause this kind of error?

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