Windows Phone 7 Will Get Three LTE Phones In 2012


A piece of big news, which will apparently be officially announced at CES, is that there will be several LTE Windows Phone devices in 2012 — and they will all be on AT&T. The three phones — the Nokia ACE, HTC Radiant, and Samsung Mendel — will ship by the middle of the year. The ACE, specifically, is set to launch on March 18.

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Windows Phone Mango LG Fantasy Leaked

Most smartphone manufacturers have their own version of handsets running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). HTC launched the Titan; Samsung launched the Omnia W, and Nokia launched the Lumia 800.

Comparatively, LG has been quiet on the Windows Phone front this year. The only entry we’ve seen from the Korean giant was the LG Jil Sander Mobile. The latter is hardly a new product as it is entirely based on the Optimus 7 from a year ago.Whatever happened to LG? Have they given up on the Windows Phone platform? Not just yet. XDA Developers have just leaked the LG Fantasy, which is a Windows Phone Mango-powered handset.

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CES To Set Stage For Windows Phone Tango Update

There is a high possibility that Nokia will launch a new Tango update for the Windows Phone 7 during the forthcoming edition of CES.

The Finish mobile giant could also present a demonstration of its highly anticipated future products Lumia 719 and Lumia 900 during the same event, more precisely on January 13 if we are to believe all the recent speculation. Also, there are also rumours that both devices will feature the new Tango update.

111220-wptangoWindows Phone 7 hasn’t quite caught up to iOS or Android, but the Mango update with its 500+ upgrades sure made a significant dent. Now, we’re ready for the next major update to Microsoft’s smartphone platform and it looks like next month’s CES is where they’re going to reveal the Tango update to WP7.

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PonyPhoto Editor Has Been Updated to V1.3

Hello everyone,

Good news!!! The latest version of PonyPhoto Editor, Version1.3, has been released!

On the latest verson, you are gonna have much fantastic photo editting experience on your Windows Phone7. Believe it or not, you could even make your pictures “MOVE” by PonyPhoto Editor.

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s get it started right now.

Details of PonyPhoto Editor V1.3 highlights:

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Nokia Mulling Windows Phone 7 Plans for SA

Nokia has already had some plans to bring their new Lumia smartphones running the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system from Microsoft to South Africa. But there are still no firm plans. “We are confirming details, we just have nothing to share publicly at the moment.”said Nokia.


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