April Fools’ Day Special Offer (one day left) – GodswMobile All Products go to 40% off

This is not an April Fools Joke! GodswMobile are offering an amazing 40% OFF all GodswMobile Products.

April Fools’ Day?! We don’t fool you! So~let’s go!

SMS Transfer=$19 $11.4

Special Offer Page:


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Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update Rolled Out, Prepare to Wait for It


It has been so long  to get copy and paste onto Windows Phone 7, however,  it appears that an important step has been taken by Microsoft to put an end to the wait – they’ve begun the official rollout of  NoDo.

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Zune Hardware is Dead, Software to Live on Inside WP7


Microsoft’s Zune music player has never really taken off in the UK, and while it was more successful in the USA, it appears Microsoft have thrown in the towel and decided Zune hardware has had its day.  A report from Bloomberg claims a source told them that Microsoft will no longer develop new Zune players, preferring to concentrate on integrating the software on other Microsoft products.

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Freeware to Share – WR-Tools Resinfo – Get Well Aware of Your Battery Life

Hello, friends! Today I would love to share an amazing freeware with you guys!


It’s called ‘WR-Tools ResInfo’, which informs about battery life, program and storage memory, allocation of non-volatile storage media, processor usage, all executed processes and their visible main windows.

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