Just Catch those Eggs—Eggs Free Game for WP 7

Game Summary: Eggs is the classic game where the objective is to take egg higher and higher with the help of baskets. The game goes on with increasing difficulty and challenges.

Requirements: Windows Phone 7

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Windows Phone 7 News—Netflix App for Windows Phone Gets 2.0 Update

Netflix for Windows Phone has received a major update yesterday that not only brings the popular application to new markets but brings some new features to the tablet as well.

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Lumia 900 Launches on Easter Sunday; Many Stores Closed

The Nokia Lumia 900 hit shelves Easter Sunday, a rather odd day for a smartphone launch, as AT&T stores across the country were closed for the holiday.

On Friday night, Nokia had sponsored a concert by singer Nicki Minaj in New York City’s Times Square to promote the launch of the 900. There were electronic displays, free “Lumia Light” cocktails, and other promotions. But, according to news reports, on the actual day of the launch, Sunday, virtually all of the 39 AT&T stores near Times Square were closed or did not answer phone calls, while others did not yet have the 900 in stock.

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Windows Phone 7 “Tango” Smartphones to Launch in China March 21

Microsoft is setting its sights on the biggest mobile phone market in the world, with a Windows Phone 7 “Tango” launch this March 21. Device-makers HTC and Nokia are launching their “Tango” smartphones through China Telecom.

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Windows Phone News: Nokia’s Windows Phones Sold Well in Europe

Hi everyone,

Still remember in last blog article, that we talked about Nokia’s first Windows Phone is sold at $899 in the Windows phone store? I doubt that you guys must be curious how well it’s sold now. Let me tell you. Good news is that it has a good start in Euroupe.

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Windows Phone 8 Details Leaked: Gonna Make Great Changes!

We’ve been speculating about the next versions of Windows Phone since 7.5 (Mango) came out in late 2011, and it looks like it might be worth the wait. PocketNow claims to have intercepted an official Microsoft video intended for Windows Phone partners like Nokia. In it, Windows Phone Manager Joe Belfiore goes over a lot of new features of the upcoming “Apollo” update, which appears to somewhat merge the Windows Phone OS with the core of Windows 8. Details below.

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Nokia to sell its first Windows phone in Australia in March, the Lumia 800

Optus, Telstra and Vodafone are gearing up to sell the Lumia 800, which will be available in black, cyan, magenta and white, Nokia announced today.

“Interest locally for Nokia Lumia, our first range with Windows Phone devices, has been extremely positive,” Nokia Australia’s managing director, Chris Carr, said.

“There is a significant appetite from operators and retailers looking to offer consumers a real smartphone alternative.”

Mr Carr said he hoped the Lumia 800 would be a turning point for the company in Australia.

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Microsoft Will Bring Skype to Windows Phone Soon

Since windows phone 7 are on the shelf for quite some time, one of the major remaining questions now is everybody’s been asking about Windows Phone 7 is, when will it get Skype? After all, Microsoft did buy out the VoIP company for $8.5 billion in cash last October. Microsoft says it’s “coming soon.”

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Windows Phone Answer to iPhone 4S’ Siri: Ask Ziggy

Ever since was introduced to the market as the most impressive feature of Apple’s latest smartphone, rivals have been trying to come up with voice recognition applications to keep up with the game.

Now, Shai Leib, a developer focusing on the Windows Phone platform, has created Ask Ziggy an app for the OS employing a simple user interface similar to Siri. Owners of Windows Phone 7 devices can use their voice to search for information and ask questions, rather than having to type queries.


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Windows Phone 7 Will Get Three LTE Phones In 2012


A piece of big news, which will apparently be officially announced at CES, is that there will be several LTE Windows Phone devices in 2012 — and they will all be on AT&T. The three phones — the Nokia ACE, HTC Radiant, and Samsung Mendel — will ship by the middle of the year. The ACE, specifically, is set to launch on March 18.

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