Is It Possible to Have A Gif Maker With Windows Phone?

With the continuous development of the information era, people own high requirements for various types of technology. Most of them don’t satisfied with the past image format like PNG, JPG. In my opinion, it’s a pursuit of fashion, a spiritual satisfaction, feelings of pleasure, visual dynamic…

In view of the present situation, GIF image format has become the trend of the time which is the only image format supported by all image browser, its unique feature is not only a static picture, but also can be animation, and supports a transparent background images for a variety of operating systems, small “size” as well, you can many see many small animations in GIF format online. However, have you ever thought of such a function can be achieved on the phone?

As far as I am concerned, PonyPhoto is best choice for everyone who is interested in editing pictures. It is the only gif image editing tools on the mobile terminal. When you have agent affairs or other ambitions, using a mobile phone photo editor, you can choose gif maker and other tools on the phone to edit it and upload directly to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Sina Weibo etc., it’s more convenient and fast use computer. It also has other function like many other photo editors free puzzle, collage. But at the same time please be kindly informed that PonyPhoto is only fit for windows phone.

You absolutely deserve the best photo editing experience! You will like it very much because its features. Hold your mouse, fly with you to get PonyPhoto at $0 here:

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