Is It Possible to Have A Gif Maker With Windows Phone?

With the continuous development of the information era, people own high requirements for various types of technology. Most of them don’t satisfied with the past image format like PNG, JPG. In my opinion, it’s a pursuit of fashion, a spiritual satisfaction, feelings of pleasure, visual dynamic…

In view of the present situation, GIF image format has become the trend of the time which is the only image format supported by all image browser, its unique feature is not only a static picture, but also can be animation, and supports a transparent background images for a variety of operating systems, small “size” as well, you can many see many small animations in GIF format online. However, have you ever thought of such a function can be achieved on the phone?

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Windows Phone News: Nokia’s Windows Phones Sold Well in Europe

Hi everyone,

Still remember in last blog article, that we talked about Nokia’s first Windows Phone is sold at $899 in the Windows phone store? I doubt that you guys must be curious how well it’s sold now. Let me tell you. Good news is that it has a good start in Euroupe.

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Nokia to sell its first Windows phone in Australia in March, the Lumia 800

Optus, Telstra and Vodafone are gearing up to sell the Lumia 800, which will be available in black, cyan, magenta and white, Nokia announced today.

“Interest locally for Nokia Lumia, our first range with Windows Phone devices, has been extremely positive,” Nokia Australia’s managing director, Chris Carr, said.

“There is a significant appetite from operators and retailers looking to offer consumers a real smartphone alternative.”

Mr Carr said he hoped the Lumia 800 would be a turning point for the company in Australia.

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Microsoft Will Bring Skype to Windows Phone Soon

Since windows phone 7 are on the shelf for quite some time, one of the major remaining questions now is everybody’s been asking about Windows Phone 7 is, when will it get Skype? After all, Microsoft did buy out the VoIP company for $8.5 billion in cash last October. Microsoft says it’s “coming soon.”

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Windows Phone Answer to iPhone 4S’ Siri: Ask Ziggy

Ever since was introduced to the market as the most impressive feature of Apple’s latest smartphone, rivals have been trying to come up with voice recognition applications to keep up with the game.

Now, Shai Leib, a developer focusing on the Windows Phone platform, has created Ask Ziggy an app for the OS employing a simple user interface similar to Siri. Owners of Windows Phone 7 devices can use their voice to search for information and ask questions, rather than having to type queries.


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Play Piano on Windows Mobile Phone

Hey, dear! Have you ever wished you could use your mobile device to play musical instruments? Check it out! It’s a Piano, a Flute and a Drum Kit all in one app.

Omniano The Band is a musical instrument simulation software which is made by XDA net friends. This software supports playing the piano, flute and frame beat. So, if you have high level to use Omniano, you can make beautiful music in your windows mobile phone!

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Windows Mobile Tips: Speeed Reader

Hello, dear! I want to introduce you the software——Speeed Reader.

Speeed Reader is a RSS reader used in Windows Mobile phones. This software is designed for GR addicts and supports to read all the online articles. Speeed Reader supports touch screen operation,sharing and knowing reading state. You can keep the data to your Windows Mobile phone’s memory card. What’s more, the Software interface provides 3 kinds of color for your choice.

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GodswMobile SMS Transfer manager has been update to V2.5

Hello dear?

Today, GodsMobile Team announced that the most popular product “GodswMobile SMS Transfer manager” has been updated to V2.5

NOTE: The latest version of GodswMobile SMS Transfer for mobile is still V2.1, so you do not need to update your mobile file.

Please click the following link to upgrade your GodswMobile SMS Transfer Manager:GodswMobile SMS Transfer Manager V2.5 for PC.

What is new?

1. Add the search function
User could search text messages by content, number or name.

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The Upgrade Process in Marketplace of Windows Phone 7

Today I want to say something about the application installing process of Windows Phone 7. Here we know, in the Windows Phone 7,  all applications must be installed through the Marketplace?for the past era of Windows Mobile operating system that the user could install the software in random manner is no longer supported.

And we may have seen the process of the users searching and software installing before, now I will show you two demo screenshots of  software upgrades on the Marketplace.


When the user opens the Marketplace,it will be given at the bottom of the screen prompt if the software need to be upgraded. Click on the prompt and jump to the upgrade page. In this page user can select a program or all of the batch to be upgraded.

Glad to share. Have a nice day.

Windows Mobile Tips:Bloomberg for Windows Mobile

Today I want to share a Free stocks software for Windows Mobile fans.

Bloomberg has a very nice and intuitive application for Windows Mobile users who wish to follow stocks and international/national markets.

Bloombery for mobile screenshot_1

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