PonyPhoto Has Been Strongly Updated to V2.0 and Free in May 2012

Hello dearest,
Have you ever try to use Ponyphoto after we introduced in last blog? Or have you encountered any inconvenience during your use? No matter what happen, PonyPhoto is doing the best to let people get their favorite images and enrich their Windows Phone life. Now we are exciting to announce that PonyPhoto has been updated to Version2.0, where there is more functions and new Windows Phone experience.

What’s more, you could get if FREE now.
Only in May 2012, and there’s few days left.  Welcome to the free download and have a try, it’s better to use it by yourself than to hear for many times.

Key features of PonyPhoto:
*Composite photos to a .gif image. (.jpg to .gif, .png to .gif)

*Collage. (Various Collage templates)

*Free puzzle (You can puzzle photo follow you love)

*Frames in various styles. (Simple frames, glaring frames, and color frames)

*Multiple image effects. (Various effects such as Invert, Grayscale, Sepia, Pixel late, Blur, Sharpen, Jitter, Water Wave, Gamma Correction, Additive Noise, Vignette, Polaroid, Tilt Shift, Oil Painting, Rotate Channel, etc.)

*Images save and share. (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Sina Weibo)

*Image color adjustments. (You could adjust with brightness and contrasts on a selected photo.)

*Changing image’s shape and size.

*Rotate the Images.

Here are the update details of Version 2.0:

*Free puzzle (You can puzzle photo follow you love)

*Optimized .gif image, speed is smoother than old

*Minor bug fixes

You absolutely deserve the best photo editing experience!

You will like it very much because its features.
Hold you mouse, fly with you to get PonyPhoto at $0 here:

No more hesitations! Hurry up! Glad or Regret, your choice :)
Wish you the greatest enjoyment!

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