HTC Calculator extracted from HD2

Hello,every one!

Today I wanna share a little tool called HTC Calculator.The HTC Calculator is the built-in programs extracted from the latest release of HTC HD2 ROM,support automatically switches between horizontal and vertical display screen.The horizontal display is advanced mode screen,vertical screen is the standard mode,do beautification to the skin interface.(CAB installs to memory.)

Feeling: From these small programs with diligent created,we can see that HTC’s devotion and intention in research and development,If it wasn’t for HTC,it is difficult to imagine what will be the market share of Windows Mobile now,although HTC invests more effort onto the Android models recently,but there is no doubt that HTC is still Windows Mobile’s most powerful manufacturer.



Download here:

HTC Calculator (extracted from HD2) V1.1 for PPC (WM6.x QVGA/VGA/WVGA)