Y2K Bug May be 2016 Bug?

From December 24, 2009,it seems some systems are suffering from a Y2K16 bug. When 2009 ticked over to 2010, some Australian EFTPOS machines skipped to the year 2016. Coincidentally, some Windows Mobile users are also having issues with their new year SMSes coming from 2016.

What function could cause this kind of error?

We paid so much attention to dates, we may have overlooked how our computers translate numbers!

It may be 10 years after the year 2000, but several cellular carriers are being plagued by a bug that reports the year 2010 as the year 2016.

The issue has surfaced on Microsoft Windows Mobile devices, and is reportedly affecting incoming text messages for thousands of users on multiple carriers–most notably Sprint and Verizon.

T-Mobile’s network seems unaffected.

The emergence of the bug has developers speculating as to whether or not it may be related to an erroneous translation from a computer numbering system known as “hexadecimal” or “base 16.”

The number system most of us use in known as “decimal” or “base 10″ which includes numbers 0-9. Hexadecimal adds “A-F.”

The number “10″ in hexadecimal equates to “16″ in decimal.

Read an online forum devoted to this issue:

Here is the solution to HTC devices:

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