New Windows Phone Games Announced at Microsoft Spring Showcase 2012

Hi our dear windows phone 7 users,

According to the latest message send from the Microsoft Spring Showcase 2012 announced, new wimdows phone games have come out. That means, you guys could now have some much fabulous game experience on your device.

Windows Phone 7 games are quite literally the cheapest way to grab yourself 200 Achievements and provide some great ways to entertain yourself whilst you’re sitting on a bus, train or maybe even the toilet…New games for the Mobile Operating System were shown during the Spring Showcase event in LA – so look out for the following games in the coming months ahead on Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone 7.

“Carcassone” (Microsoft Studios) – The award-winning tile-based board game “Carcassonne” is coming to Windows Phone! With the online multiplayer, Xbox LIVE achievements, leaderboards and more, this game never gets old.

“Civilization Revolution” (2K) – Award winning Sid Meier’s “Civilization Revolution” is coming to Windows Phone! Build, Discover, Rule the world.

“DODONPACHI” (CAVE) – An original shooter by Arcade veteran CAVE is arriving for Windows Phone. Can you handle EVAC Industries’ Maximum Bullet Simulator.

“GeoDefense Swarm” (Microsoft Studios) – The fast-paced tower defense game “GeoDefense Swarm” for Windows Phone gives the power to obliterate a horde of vibrant, vector-styled enemies with multiple weapons of choice.

“Gerbil Physics” (Microsoft Studios) – In “Gerbil Physics,” a physics-based puzzle game that blows up buildings made of gerbils for Windows Phone, it’s all about adorable destruction.

“Pinball FX2” (Microsoft Studios) – “Pinball FX2” for Windows Phone features new tables and all-new features including a state-of-the-art physics model and a connection to your Xbox 360 “Pinball FX2” scores.

“Pirates!” – Available now on Windows Phone, Sid Meier’s “Pirates!” is an exciting high-seas adventure overflowing with intense pirate action and a treasure chest of gameplay riches!

“Pro Evolution Soccer 2012” (Konami) This spring, the unrivalled and award-winning football simulation from Konami is entering a new season on Windows Phone!

“Shoot 1UP!” (Microsoft Studios) – This Spring, an armada of ships is coming to Windows Phone in “Shoot 1UP.

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