Windows Mobile Tips:Resolving “the battery re-calibration”


On our windows mobile device,The lithium-ion battery displays as the form of “electricity meter”.According to electricity meter,we can read out Can accurately read how much capacity remained in battery,which accurates to 1% as the unit.Windows Mobile device displays the power info. as this form for a long time.

Many people may run the soft launch in the case of low-alarm of the power,and then the electricity meter shows that there is still 20-30% of power left,or prompted to have full power, but the battery meter shows only 90% instead of 100%. At this point, we need hands-on battery power to re-calibrate.

Although manufacturers do not recommend the depth of the lithium battery discharge (This feature of lithium batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries on the contrary), but after each 30-40 cycle work of the lithium battery charge, it is propose to carry out a deep discharge of lithium batteries (it is equivalent to using one and a half a month on general Windows Mobile devices), this was done to calibrate the battery gauge chip. Discharge principle is simple: slow discharge to the device’s battery meter shows almost 0%, then the battery gauge chip will be measured from there to re-charge the battery. You have to do is the same as the daily charge to the device for normal charging, remember to turn off your Windows Mobile device, and then charging to the device’s LED light indicates charging completed. If you insist on doing so, the battery life will become longer.

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