Classic Compression Tool: 7-Zip for Windows Mobile

7-Zip is a free open source software complied with the agreement of GNU / LPGL, is a popular compression software after the WinZip / WinRAR, especially its compression format,as a larger compression ratio advantage, It is to be a compression software of competitive advantage. 7-Zip has recently released the Beta version which is compatible with Windows Mobile.

?Feeling?: 7-Zip can be installed on computers very early, and compression ratio is indeed worse, many online resources are change into this compression formats. However, Interface of software is poor,and the sub-volume compression was not so well. The Beta version of Mobile retained basical features of the software, which the interface is still simple. In fact, It is unnecessary for the phone to have so many fully function, the value thing is to open a variety of formats compressed package more simpler and quiker,isn’t it ?


Download here:7-Zip v9.06 Beta for PPC(WM5/WM6/WM6.5)

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