HTC outed its second SMS update

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You know that recently  HTC released out a “SMS function update”, a second SMS hotfix for the HD2 whereas the first fix was released in the middle of December. The update will address the SMS issues that are facing the by the HD2 users where they fail to send the outgoing messages which get blocked in their outbox. The new update provides fast and reliable SMS messaging while the users can have effective communication with their kith and kin with immediate acknowledgements.htc_hd2_sms

“This update for HTC HD2 messaging lets you reach out to your friends and family with instant notifications.  Keeping in touch has always been very important, and this update delivers just that: fast and reliable SMS messaging.”  It obviously didn’t do that at all.

HTC outed its second SMS update just because of a reason that their first hotfix was failed and the end users still get the SMS failure delivery issues. Point to remember here is that a Windows PC is required to install the new software and get freed from the SMS issues.

Either it was a mistake update or it has increased problems with the phone.  So far users have had multiple reactions regarding the patch; it either works or increases the difficulties.

Glad to share news and thank you for long support to GodswMobile.

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