Zune: Sync for Windows Phone 7

ActiveSync is used to synchronize the computer on Windows XP and Windows Mobile phones as a tool. In fact, Vista era it has been replaced with a Windows Mobile Device Center. Now, to be listed on the Windows Phone 7, will be using another brand new (actually not new) tools, that is Zune.

Why somebody said Zune  is a new but not new, because the Zune is actually already available for several years, but this is it for the first time to connect with Windows Phone platform. Prior to this, we can use Zune  to sync pictures, music, video and Podcast, through the Zune platform can also buy music online, and share music to your friends. Now, Windows Phone 7 also adopted this tool and give up the previous Active-sync or Windows Mobile Device Center.


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How to connect Windows Mobile to Computer with Activesync

How to use  Windows Mobile ActiveSync

This page contains information on ActiveSync – The connectivity product for Microsoft Pocket PC / Windows Mobile devices.

1.What is ActiveSync?
pdaconv_ppcActivesync logoActiveSync from Microsoft, is the control centre for data exchange between the desktop PC, and Windows Mobile / Pocket PC devices. It supports synchronisation of Contacts, Calendar, Email, Tasks and Notes with MS Outlook.

2..ActiveSync also handles the following:
* Document conversion for Pocket Excel, Pocket Word and Pocket Access
* Synchronisation of Email folders between Outlook and Inbox
* Synchronisation of files and audio/video
* Exchange of Internet favourites (plus cached content)

3.ActiveSync is available as a free download from

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