Windows Mobile Tips: Better Web-Browsing Experience

Hey dear, do you want to have a better web browse experience on your mobile phone? Today we are going to introduce this software to you, uZard Web P, which could make you have a web-browsing experience like you do with PC.


uZard Web P is a mobile web browser. It allows users to experience the same web surfing they do with PC.
uZard Web P shows the fastest performance not only on 3G or 4G networks but also on 2G and 2.5G networks. As long as the devices have the access to a network, users can experience the same web surfing and multimedia contents through uZard Web P just as they do with PC.
uZard Web P is optimized for use on a broad range of mobile devices and networks.

﹡Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5, 6, 6.1
﹡NET Compact Framework 2.0

Key Featuers
﹡Complete Support of Video and Audio
﹡Real-time Multimedia File Uploading to the Web
﹡Daily Lives of You and Your Friends in Your Hand
﹡Same UX (User Experience) as Your PC

Free download

Hopefully you will enjoy this fresh web-browsing experience.

GoswMobile Team.

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