Windows Mobile Tips:Change Your System Font

Hello sweety,

Today what I will share is a Font change Tool for windows mobile–Ing Change Font.
Change Font is a free application that allows users to change a Windows Mobile Professional device system font.

Change Font is special because it has the option of importing a new font that is not currently installed on your device (i.e. a font beamed or copied over from your Desktop PC). The application interface allows you to choose the desired font, as well as its size. After importing a font you will need to soft reset your device as well as after making a choice for another font, but the application will take care of it.

Small utility to import and change system fonts

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Click Here to Free Download:Chang Font for PPC

Hope you can enjoy your windows mobile time.

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  1. Nicholas Froeschle Says:

    Looks like these guys have plenty of outsourcing opportunities available.


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