for Windows Phone Updated With Mango Support

Good news everyone!, everyone’s favorite radio scrobble service has finally gone to Mango with version 3.x! You can now minimize this bad boy in the background and enjoy your radio with multitasking Mango goodness. In addition, you can pin your favorite radio stations to the Start screen for easy and quick access. was one of the very first applications that made it to the Windows Phone Marketplace last year right after the original platform launching. Now the application has just updated with the supporting of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. is providing you a great personalized radio experience, and, with Mango support, you are now able to listen to music while leaving the application in the background. That’s great news/feature and you can also now pin a radio station to the Start Screen where it will come into view as a tile. If you have the latest given app installed, follow the Marketplace Tile notification.

We’ve only played with it for a little bit but darn it all, it’s a nice app–fast, smooth and great work on the integrating “Sharing” option. And considering this service is built into the Xbox 360 (for Gold Members), this a great extension to your phone.

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