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Still remember on the last article we shared the great news that Last.fm for windows phone has been updated with Mango support? We are sure you do! Today, we would show you more information about the Windows Phone7.5 Mango, so that you could know better about it and make better use of it.

Let’s take a look at the new features in Windows Phone 7.5 below..

Custom ringtones
About this time last year we were pretty shocked by the fact that you couldn’t add your own ringtones to Windows Phone 7. In 7.5 you can now creat your own ringtone.

Speech commands
have made a rather big deal of their voice-powered “Siri” personal assistant. On Windows Phone 7.5 you can text and search via voice. It can also read out new text messages and reply by talking. Just press and hold the Start button to get going. There’s four keywords – Call, Text, Find and Open. We’ve given it a spin below.. it can be a little.. “interesting”..

More sharing options and more networks
checking, video sharing, sharing from IE and the addition of Twitter and LinkedIn to the OS itself.

Sync with SkyDrive, new Office Hub, OneNote to-do lists and Excel improvements
Your Office docs will now sync with SkyDrive and your handset. Edit them on the phone later and edit later on your PC. The Office Hub has had a face-lift and OneNote has introduced to-do lists. Excel has a new easier cell-selection.

Other improvements of Windows Phone 7.5 include History details, Multitasking, Mall maps, Video sharing and picture tagging, and Internet Connection Sharing.
Hope you enjoy it.
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