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PonyPhoto Released: Edit Your Photos & Have Fun

PonyPhoto is a marvelous and useful photo editor for Windows Phone 7. PonyPhoto is different from the original mobile photo tools, variety of adjustments and effects you could select for your photos. Manual or automatic adjustment for your photos such as filter effects, rotate, flip, colors, frames, collage, etc. You could still share your photos easily to Flickr. Sharing in the , will come with next version.

ponyphoto-screenshot-1 ponyphoto-screenshot-2

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Windows Mobile Tips: Miss Her then @Her!

Hi everyone, so nice to see you all again!!!

You know, while Internet has made our life much easier, surely has been an invention that makes us much closer today.

Launched in July 2006, Twitter now has gain worldwide popularity with 200 million users of 2011. Last time, we introduced the Twitter-concerning windows mobile app called moTwittes and it has gained general good reviews from our readers. So, today, we are going to introduce another amazing Twitter app for you windows mobile phone users. It’s called TouchTwit.

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Windows Mobile Tips: Watch Video More Easily On Your Phone

Hey dear!

Are you a video fan, or you are hoping to watch video more easily on your windows mobile phone? Then we are sure you are gonna love the freeware we are going to introduce today. It’s called mVu Mobile Viewer. Here goes more details about it.

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WP7 News-Windows Phone 7.5 Improvements

Hello Dear,

Still remember on the last article we shared the great news that for windows phone has been updated with Mango support? We are sure you do! Today, we would show you more information about the Windows Phone7.5 Mango, so that you could know better about it and make better use of it.

Let’s take a look at the new features in Windows Phone 7.5 below..

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Good news everyone!, everyone’s favorite radio scrobble service has finally gone to Mango with version 3.x! You can now minimize this bad boy in the background and enjoy your radio with multitasking Mango goodness. In addition, you can pin your favorite radio stations to the Start screen for easy and quick access. was one of the very first applications that made it to the Windows Phone Marketplace last year right after the original platform launching. Now the application has just updated with the supporting of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

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Windows Mobile Tips: Freeware- PocketShopping v2.00

Hello everyone! Life should be as easy as it could be, right? So today we are going to share this freeware with you to let our life become much easier-PocketShopping.  Below we would see how it’s gonna make our life easier. Hope you like it.


PocketShopping is a finger-friendly shopping list software designed for windows mobile devices like HTC Touch Diamond, HTC HD2 and so on. It allows you to maintain a master list of products you buy on a regular basis, which could help to save you quite some troubles and time.

PocketShopping is definitely a very cool software for windows mobile phones. With all the new high-end windows mobile phones from a variety of manufacturers we will see more apps like this really come to life.

Requirements: PPC, WM5, WM6

Main Features:
﹡ Finger-friendly user interface with smart scrolling, gestures and animation effects, similar to iPhone applications.
﹡ One master items list shared across all shops with the ability to add or remove items from each shop.

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Windows Mobile Tips: Better Web-Browsing Experience

Hey dear, do you want to have a better web browse experience on your mobile phone? Today we are going to introduce this software to you, uZard Web P, which could make you have a web-browsing experience like you do with PC.


uZard Web P is a mobile web browser. It allows users to experience the same web surfing they do with PC.
uZard Web P shows the fastest performance not only on 3G or 4G networks but also on 2G and 2.5G networks. As long as the devices have the access to a network, users can experience the same web surfing and multimedia contents through uZard Web P just as they do with PC.
uZard Web P is optimized for use on a broad range of mobile devices and networks.

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HTC Reveals Two New Mango Devices – the Titan and the Radar

HTC has announced two new Windows Phone 7 Mango devices, the HTC Titan  and HTC Radar, previously known as the Eternity and Omega. Both devices are expected to be launched this October, but HTC has not yet revealed their pricing.

The two phones have quite a lot in common, including the single-core processors on the Qualcomm MSM8255 chipset with Adreno 205 GPUs, and the rear cameras with 28mm lenses and back-illuminated sensors. The HTC Titan definitely dwarfs the Radar (above image not to scale), with a 4.7-inch screen next to the latter’s 3.8-inch one – but both Super-LCD displays happen to bear the same WVGA resolution, at 800×480 pixels.

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Windows Mobile Tips: moTweets

Hello everyone! Today I want to introduce you this free and fun software: moTweets.

We all know that has become a necessary sosical communication tool for us. Most of us use it to communicate with friends, to learn what’s going on around us, to share personal news with others and so on. MoTweets is a third-party client designed for Tweeter, which has a very beautiful interface and great touch-feelings. It supports multi-accounts logining, URL shortening, pictures uploading, GPS positioning and other functions.

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Windows Phone Mango Getting New Xbox LIVE Features And Games

Hellp sweets, today let’s have a chat about the new Xbox Live features in WP7 Mango released by Microsoft!

That’s right! You Spoke and Microsoft Listened! With Xbox Live on WP7 lacking some luster at launch it appears the team is now going to make it right! We believe that all you WP7 fans would be much excited when seeing these exciting new features.

Among the changes are:

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