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Zune: Sync for Windows Phone 7

ActiveSync is used to synchronize the computer on Windows XP and Windows Mobile phones as a tool. In fact, Vista era it has been replaced with a Windows Mobile Device Center. Now, to be listed on the Windows Phone 7, will be using another brand new (actually not new) tools, that is Zune.

Why somebody said Zune  is a new but not new, because the Zune is actually already available for several years, but this is it for the first time to connect with Windows Phone platform. Prior to this, we can use Zune  to sync pictures, music, video and Podcast, through the Zune platform can also buy music online, and share music to your friends. Now, Windows Phone 7 also adopted this tool and give up the previous Active-sync or Windows Mobile Device Center.


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Windows Mobile Tips:Bloomberg for Windows Mobile

Today I want to share a Free stocks software for Windows Mobile fans.

Bloomberg has a very nice and intuitive application for Windows Mobile users who wish to follow stocks and international/national markets.

Bloombery for mobile screenshot_1

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Microsoft Reveals The First WP7 Games

Kicking off the Gamescom 2010 conference, Microsoft has today for the first time demonstrated Xbox Live integration on prototype Windows Phone 7 devices and named a selection of games which will be available on the upcoming mobile platform from day one.

For the first time since Windows Phone 7 was announced, media outlets have been able to try out the proclaimed Xbox Live features which will be in-built to the operating system.


This is the first ever official list of games that will be available for Windows Phone 7.

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Freeware – GodswMobile Today Plug-in for Windows Mobile Released

In order to appreciate customers who was always gives suggestions to GodswMobile Team , we released a new FREE program for all Windows mobile users–GodswMobile Today.
GodswMobile Today is a simple and practical today plug-in for Windows Mobile Phone. It organizes your Today Screen in a better workplace and keep all important system info at hand. It also shows you a digital clock contains date, week, hour, minute, second. It is total FREE for all GodswMobile supporters.

Here is more screenshots for this today plug-in:

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Update of GodswMobile Products

Hello dear customers,
Thank you for long time support. GodswMobile Tech team announced  update of  GodswMobile Contacts Transfer and GodswMobile Windows Mobile Transfer Suite on Aug the 4th 2010.

All register users could FREE update to the latest version.

  • GodswMoible Contacts Transfer has been updated to V2.1

Download from here.

More information please click here.

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Five Official Partners in Windows Phone Released Conference

Greg Sullivan, the product manager of Microsoft,told the first batch of the hardware makers about Windows Phone 7 in the released conference will be HTC, Samsung, LG, Dell and Asus. These five companies will together to bring the latest hardware exhibition of WP7 at the occasion.

As the news goes,the products they will bring are LG Panther, Dell Lightning, HTC Mondrian, Mozart.The products of WP 7 will be released by these five companies and majority partner next year.Microsoft also said WP7 has no plans to get how many user of other mobile phone system, it focuses on the users who doesn’t use smart phone, and believe this group of people will bring success to WP7.


News above quoted from internet. Looking forward to devices of WP 7.

Glad to share.

GodswMobile Contacts Transfer has been updated to V2.0

Hello everybody,

Summer holiday’s coming. GodswMobile announces GodswMobile Contacts Transfer has been updated to Version 2.0.

GodswMobile appreciates friends who have used our GodswMobile Contacts Transfer  all over the world, thank you very much for a long time support.

The new version of GodswMobile Contacts Transfer has fit the bug which happened to  interrupt the process of transfer in some mobile phone and added several applications.

What’s New:

  • Export contact as outlook file(*.csv) and vCard file(*.vcf)
  • Sync contacts between windows mobile, iPhone,  android phone,gmail, outlook

More informations about new features please read:

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Let Mobile broadcast World Cup for You

The World cup football match has begun, but you are still busy in your lots of work ? Or on the way home.So what to do if you want to know the status of ongoing match? I had introduced two software regarding to world cup (FIFA 2010,World Cup 2010)before,now there is another world cup related software for windows phone,it can broadcast live events in real-time by text information to temporarily relief your depressed mood that you couldn’t watch TV.


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Take World Cup Schedule on Your Fingertips

In the World Cup this month, in addition to a cool beer and the Software of World Cup   on the Windows Phone with you, you certainly do not want to miss each exciting football match.Today what I want to recommend to you is a fast all race to the World Cup on your Windows Phone phone software program.

The software is called “FIFA 2010″, and the software interface is very simple, only a few simple buttons and menus:


To use the software, first of all we should open the  menu “Schedule” to set our time zone.Click the arrow in top left corner back to the main interface after setting:

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World Cup 2010 for Windows Mobile

2010 South Africa World Cup is approaching?as a football fan?don’t you want to get the latest game report in time?Today I want to recommend an app for Windows Mobile to all friends?that is “World Cup 2010 application for Windows Mobile”. This application has been entirely developed using the Compact Framework applying some UX concepts from Windows Phone 7 panoramic UI and spikes on fluent UI I recently worked on.

By using this software, you can get the latest World Cup news, groups complexion, schedule and other information.

world cup

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