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Freeware to Share – WR-Tools Resinfo – Get Well Aware of Your Battery Life

Hello, friends! Today I would love to share an amazing freeware with you guys!


It’s called ‘WR-Tools ResInfo’, which informs about battery life, program and storage memory, allocation of non-volatile storage media, processor usage, all executed processes and their visible main windows.

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Good News: Windows Phone 7 Connector Drops Beta Tag, Lands in Mac App Store


The Windows Phone 7 Connector app has gone live in the Mac App Store, shaking off its beta shackles and offering you the chance to get your Microsoft devices playing nicely with your Mac.

Windows Phone 7 Connector will (if you want it to) automatically sync with your WP7 handset (or your Zune HD) when connected to your Mac.It gives you access to both iTunes and iPhoto, and you can sync things without having to go in and select which podcast to sync each time.

You’ll also be able to use Windows Phone 7 Connector to download and install operating system updates for your WP7 handset.

Big News -Latest Updates Of WM Sound Recorder

Dear All,

Here goes a big news for yall – The WM Sound Recorder by GodswMobile has now been updated to a higher version!

WM Sound Recorder is an easy-to-use application which could auto record sound and phone calls in Windows Mobile Pocket PC. And it also can play the record files so that you can check if the record fits you. In addition, you may distribute your recorded files easily with it. Recording and playing audio on phone has never been so easy with WM Sound Recorder!


Key Features of WM Sound Recorder:

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Special Offer to Make Your Valentine’s Day More Sweet – GodswMobile Products Sold Up to 25% Off

Valentine’s Day is a special day full of love and joy. On this day, we GodswMobile  would heartfully wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.


To thank you all for always supporting our products and giving us the useful suggestions, we are now more than happy to announce that our products will be sold up to  25%  off  for seven days!

Catch this moment to add more love and joy to your Valentine’s Day!

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LAST CALL – Christmas Special Offer (48 hours left) – GodswMobile All Products up to 70% off

The Christmas Special Offer is lasting for a short time. Thanks to all User of GodswMobile Products.

Now! we are announcing that there are only 48 hours left for this special Offer.

The even bigger discount for you:

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Good news: Pocket Call Blocker has been updated to Version 1.1

Pocket Call Blocker V1.1:


1. Fixed the time stamp error on SMS Blocking for Windows Moible.

2. Sort contacts lists by Alphabetical order when adding blocking number to the blacklist.

3. Cancel ringtone and vibrate when sms blocking action is “Mark as read”.

4. Fixed minor bugs

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New Release – Pocket Call Blocker

Dear All,

We are so exciting to announce that one of the GodswMobile Products – Pocket Call Blocker has already released.

Pocket Call Blocker is an effective tool to block selected phone numbers from ringing your phone.  It could block any unwanted incoming phone call,  including but not limited to:  specific numbers,  wildcard numbers,  anonymous and unidentified numbers,  group numbers.  You could set your own rules to block any incoming call and sms from unwanted,  annoying numbers.

So! Take control of your incoming phone calls and sms now!

Key features of Pocket Call Blocker:
* Multiple filtering rules – filter by specific numbers, wildcard numbers, anonymous and unidentified numbers, groups/categories numbers, contact/non-contact numbers; all numbers.
* Two incoming phone call block actions – hang up and mute;
* Two SMS block actions – delete and mark as read;
* Built-in phone number block log;
* Run on background;
* Easy way to operate and set up filter rules;
* Fully support Windows Mobile 5 and 6;
* Fully support VGA and WVGA Screen

Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

Experienced more than three years development time, a new generation of smart phone operating system— Microsoft Windows Phone 7 was finally released on the 11th of October 2010.

New York local time at 9:30 on October 11, Microsoft officially convened  the  released conferences of Windows Phone 7 operating system, the following is from the scene by the Engadget site meeting of the Eleventh Conference .

wp7 released-1

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Cardmobili Releases The Windows Mobile Version

Cardmobili is a mobile service to manage rewards and membership cards. It allows users to carry their cards on mobile phones, collect and use rewards, and share them with friends.

Cardmobili for Windows Mobile

The end of plastic cards is near as Cardmobili and others start presenting us solutions to pay wirelessly from our smartphones or avoid having to carry innumerous loyalty plastic cards from all over the world.

Cardmobili, the No.1  application for loyalty cards, brings you:

* over 600 cards from all over the world
* an application compatible with Windows mobile 5.0 and 6.x
* a safe backup for your cards with options to share them with your friends
* barcode check-out at the store!
* And all this for FREE!

Free download and more information  please click here.

The Upgrade Process in Marketplace of Windows Phone 7

Today I want to say something about the application installing process of Windows Phone 7. Here we know, in the Windows Phone 7,  all applications must be installed through the Marketplace?for the past era of Windows Mobile operating system that the user could install the software in random manner is no longer supported.

And we may have seen the process of the users searching and software installing before, now I will show you two demo screenshots of  software upgrades on the Marketplace.


When the user opens the Marketplace,it will be given at the bottom of the screen prompt if the software need to be upgraded. Click on the prompt and jump to the upgrade page. In this page user can select a program or all of the batch to be upgraded.

Glad to share. Have a nice day.