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Windows Mobile Tips: Manage Your Camera

Hello, today I will recommend a FREE and practical tool for windows mobile 5/6 device.

WinMoDof is a kind of WM support software which is made for photography fans specifically, including various kinds of professional SLR data. This software is easy to measure the environment and basic information, such as the camera of some parameters settings and focus distance. You can use it through the software user interface, at the same time; the parameters can be convenient adjustment.


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Windows Mobile Tips:Paint Now Mobile

Hello everyone!

Today I am more than happy to share a freeware for all the gerneral windows mobile fans.

Paint Now Mobile is a great app for the windows mobile users to easily edit or paint pictures on their windows phones, especially for those fans of photographing.

You are welcome to download it here FREE: Paint Now Mobile

Pleasure to share it by GodswMobile Team.

Hope you guys like it!

WP7 News—Windows Home Sever 2011 Windows Phone 7 Connector RC Released

On June 14th of 2011, Windows Home Server team announced the availability of  Release Candidate of the Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector for Windows Home Server 2011.


The purpose of this Add-in is to enable Remote Server Management tasks and relay Media Streams for WHS 2011.

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GodswMobile SMS Transfer manager has been update to V2.5

Hello dear?

Today, GodsMobile Team announced that the most popular product “GodswMobile SMS Transfer manager” has been updated to V2.5

NOTE: The latest version of GodswMobile SMS Transfer for mobile is still V2.1, so you do not need to update your mobile file.

Please click the following link to upgrade your GodswMobile SMS Transfer Manager:GodswMobile SMS Transfer Manager V2.5 for PC.

What is new?

1. Add the search function
User could search text messages by content, number or name.

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Microsoft Reveals New Windows Phone Mango Email, IT Features

wp7mango (1)

It has been reported earlier this month that a whole bunch of new features Microsoft is expected to add to Windows Phone 7 for its upcoming Mango release. Among those, we saw new messaging options and some hub redesigns. Microsoft is keeping it coming with the Mango teasers, announcing even more changes we can look forward to, including new features concerning email and administrative functions that should please anyone working in corporate IT.

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GodswMobile SMS Mirror Released – Mirror your private SMS

What is GodswMobile SMS Mirror?

GodswMobile SMS Mirror is a must have tool for Windows Mobile 5/6 users to mirror all outgoing and incoming messages and save them in a database. The mirror is a copy of your mobile sms so you never miss the sms with your friends. You could also “move” your secrete private messages from system inbox to this mirror so nobody could see your “own” messages without the mirror password.

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Nokia W7 And W8 To Be Firm’s First Windows Phone Handsets

I guess we are all interested in when the cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft will give its first results. When Stephen Elop moved to the Finnish company leaving his position in Microsoft, everyone began to talk about the fees the Nokia CEO had been promised.

Later it was surfaced Stephen Elop had cost more than $6 million to Nokia. So after such buzzes it’s interesting to know when we can see Windows Phone-powered Nokia smartphones in the market.

Even though Nokia isn’t due to release its first Windows Phone toting smartphone until later this year, renowned mobile blogger Eldar Murtazin has already got his hands on some prototypes.


Good old Eldar took to his Twitter page to reveal all, explaining that the handsets in question will be called the Nokia W7 and W8. According to the trusty Russian, the W7 is based on the X7 hardware whereas the W8 is similar to the Nokia N8. We see what you’re doing there Nokia.

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April Fools’ Day Special Offer (one day left) – GodswMobile All Products go to 40% off

This is not an April Fools Joke! GodswMobile are offering an amazing 40% OFF all GodswMobile Products.

April Fools’ Day?! We don’t fool you! So~let’s go!

SMS Transfer=$19 $11.4

Special Offer Page:

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Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update Rolled Out, Prepare to Wait for It


It has been so long  to get copy and paste onto Windows Phone 7, however,  it appears that an important step has been taken by Microsoft to put an end to the wait – they’ve begun the official rollout of  NoDo.

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Zune Hardware is Dead, Software to Live on Inside WP7


Microsoft’s Zune music player has never really taken off in the UK, and while it was more successful in the USA, it appears Microsoft have thrown in the towel and decided Zune hardware has had its day.  A report from Bloomberg claims a source told them that Microsoft will no longer develop new Zune players, preferring to concentrate on integrating the software on other Microsoft products.

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